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Trailblazer! 🇫🇯✈️

Congratulations Captain Seini Koroitamana Cornish, our newest #FijiAirways A330 Aircraft Captain. She becomes the first female in our ‘#herstory‘ to command a widebody aircraft. Read👉🏿 bit.ly/2Ybwm35 📺👉🏿 youtu.be/2ERSTKwtA5g

We are #ReadyToFly in an instant

Our local pilots have been kept current, and many have even been upgraded using our full flight Airbus A330 and Boeing 737 simulators at the #FijiAirways Aviation Academy. #TravelReady #Fiji

A different journey – by A330 First Officer Petrina Simpson

I’m packing a bag, getting ready for a long flight. I’m excited to be flying to another country. Within 3 hours and I’m in the air, en route to our destination. Nine hours later and we’re at top of descent. A different country lies beneath us, bright lights and skyscrapers almost reaching the skies Every […]

Customer Wellness Champions (CWC)

Recruiting Now! We are preparing for the eventual resumption of international flights under strict health and medical safety requirements as part of our Travel Ready programme. Travel Ready details our commitment to safeguarding the health and medical safety of our customers and staff. Integral to the programme is the newly created role of medically-qualified Customer […]

We’re getting #TravelReady

Our in-house teams, including our aviation medical advisor Dr. Rounak Lal, have been working closely with health authorities and other stakeholders to get us #TravelReady. We have reviewed all interaction points across our #CustomerExperience, and taken guidance from @WHO @IATA and @icao to draw up enhanced safeguards for our guests and staff when we resume international flights. […]

Fiji Airways pilots raising awareness for breast cancer

Have you spotted our pilots with their #pink epaulettes? Our #FijiLink and #FijiAirways pilots are flying #pink this October. This #PilotsFlyPink campaign to help raise awareness on breast cancer is the initiative of our pilots. #Pinktober #PilotsFlyPink

Born to fly

Meet our #FijiLink #DHC-6 #TwinOtter pilots, First Officer Camilla Gibson (Rotuma) and Captain Lanya Kaukimoce (Matuku, Lau) #pilots #avgeek #domesticflights #Fiji #NadiAirport