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Petrina Simpson | Fiji Airways

A different journey – by A330 First Officer Petrina Simpson

I’m packing a bag, getting ready for a long flight. I’m excited to be flying to another country. Within 3 hours and I’m in the air, en route to our destination.

Nine hours later and we’re at top of descent. A different country lies beneath us, bright lights and skyscrapers almost reaching the skies

Every traveller knows the thrill that comes next. Wheels meet runway, and there’s a roar as the thrust reversers kick in.

There’s a short taxi but after almost ten hours onboard, it seems to go on forever. We’re at the gate. Brakes set, engine masters off, seatbelt signs off.

As the engines wind down to a complete stop, I’m filled with relief. I take a deep breath and tell myself with a smile, “we’re here, we’re finally here!”

Snap out of it. You’re not on vacation, and covid is still here. There are protocols to be followed, and followed strictly. There’s no layover, not even for a night.

Rush… rush… rush! Planning and briefing, cargo loading and refuelling, checks and checklists. There’s no time to look out that window.

Before you know it, we’re back on the runway and powering up. Cleared for take-off, wheels off, and we’re on the ten hour flight home.

My bag stays packed, my daydream remains a dream. After around 23 hours in the aircraft, we’re home.

I love flying these beautiful beasts, but what really makes this job fulfilling is knowing that I’ve just helped deliver much-needed cargo in the midst of a pandemic.

I look forward to once more flying passengers into and out of an open and covid-free Fiji.

Until then, this is the life of a (fully vaccinated) Fiji Airways freighter pilot.

Vinaka (Thank you)

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Fiji Airways | Customer Wellness Champions (CWC)

Customer Wellness Champions (CWC)

Recruiting Now!

We are preparing for the eventual resumption of international flights under strict health and medical safety requirements as part of our Travel Ready programme.

Travel Ready details our commitment to safeguarding the health and medical safety of our customers and staff. Integral to the programme is the newly created role of medically-qualified Customer Wellness Champions (CWC).

The Customer Wellness Champions will lead our medical safety response on the ground and in the air.

If you are keen to be part of our world and have what it takes to be a Fiji Airways Customer Wellness Champion then we would love to hear from you.

Click here for more details on the role and how to apply.

All the best!

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Fiji Airways | #travelready

We’re getting #TravelReady

Our in-house teams, including our aviation medical advisor Dr. Rounak Lal, have been working closely with health authorities and other stakeholders to get us #TravelReady.

We have reviewed all interaction points across our #CustomerExperience, and taken guidance from @WHO
@IATA and @icao to draw up enhanced safeguards for our guests and staff when we resume international flights.

Read more about our #TravelReady programme

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Captain Ilaitia Caucau and his son Second Officer Edwin Caucau

Father and son on the flight deck!

We are loving this rare beautiful shot of one of our longest serving pilots, Captain Ilaitia Caucau and his son Second Officer Edwin Caucau. Its not everyday that you get an opportunity to control a flight deck with your dad .

#HappyFathersDay #flylikeafijian

#Repost @edwincaucau
• • • • • •
Happy early Father’s Day to this Great Dad right here, thanks for teaching me to be a man in Life & Aviation.

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Fiji Airways Awarded Coveted Skytrax 4-star Rating

We brought the BULA to Paris! We’re soaring even higher and joining an elite group of airlines after being awarded a 4-star rating by Skytrax at the World Airline Awards, as well as Best Airline Staff in Australia Pacific.

At the same Skytrax World Airline Awards in Paris, Fiji Airways also leapfrogged from 4th to 1st place to take up “Best Airline Staff in Australia Pacific”, signaling the airline’s continued commitment to world class service and customer experience. Fiji Airways beat out Qantas, Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia in this category to claim the top award.

The Skytrax World Airline Awards are one of the most sought after quality accolades for airlines. Skytrax benchmarks traveller opinion and carries out quality evaluations around a number of key categories and principles for airlines around the world. Skytrax Ratings are recognised as a global benchmark for airlines. A 4-Star Rating is a mark of distinction that recognises excellent standards, showcasing an airline’s unwavering commitment to provide high quality product and service values both onboard and on the ground. Fiji Airways joins airlines such as Emirates, British Airways, Etihad, Air New Zealand and Qantas as a 4-Star airline.

“Best Airline Staff in Australia Pacific” recognises the combined airline staff service for both onboard and ground staff, in the Australia Pacific region through passenger feedback and Skytrax evaluation.

Mr. Andre Viljoen, Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO, believes the 4-Star rating and award is a testament to the airline’s hard work over the past four years, and the excellent customer experience the Fiji Airways’ staff deliver in the air and on the ground.

“We are extremely proud to have been awarded a Skytrax 4-Star rating and the Best Airline Staff in Australia Pacific. The Skytrax Awards are highly prestigious and we are thrilled to be recognised with a 4-Star rating, a goal we set out to achieve in 2015. It has been a four-year improvement journey to raise us to a 4-Star airline status, after massive investments in customer experience, improvement in our product, and enhancing our service culture and standards through the UP! Your Service education programme.”

“The Best Airline Staff Award is a highly contested accolade, which our staff and crew are humbled to have received. Fiji is famous for its world class hospitality and that underpins everything we do. Our commitment to be the best representatives of our beautiful home have borne fruitful rewards for us,” Mr Viljoen said.

The 4-Star Rating and Best Airline Staff Award cap off a great first half of 2019 for the airline, having recently announced more investments with two new additions to its widebody fleet, the Airbus A350 XWB. The new aircraft are the latest step in the airline’s continued focus of offering a world class flying experience for travellers. Fiji Airways was also the launch airline to join the oneworld alliance as a oneworld connect partner.